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The Blood Magick Trilogy: The Complete Boxset (Blood Magick Trilogy #1-3) - ebook

The Blood Magick Trilogy: The Complete Boxset (Blood Magick Trilogy #1-3) - ebook

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Where ancient magic meets modern bloodlines, the fight for destiny begins.

From the smoldering embers of a 17th-century witch hunt to the hallowed halls of a contemporary magical academy, Tom Callahan discovers that his inheritance is much darker and more powerful than he ever imagined. Across centuries and continents, a legacy of blood and magic beckons, forcing Tom to confront a past steeped in betrayal and a future fraught with peril.

Clean YA Urban Fantasy

The "Blood Magick Trilogy" weaves a tapestry of dark magic and the weight of legacy through the life of Tom Callahan, a seemingly ordinary young man with an extraordinary heritage. In "The Blood Mage," Tom is thrust into the world of magical politics and ancient secrets when he discovers his rare ability to wield Blood Magick. The shadows of history loom as he grapples with powers that could reshape reality itself.

As the series unfolds with "Blood Magick," Tom delves deeper into the mystical underpinnings of his family's past, uncovering forbidden spells and alliances that span centuries. The boundary between friend and foe blurs, and Tom's struggle to control his powers draws him closer to a brink he never wished to explore.

"Blood Legacy" brings the trilogy to a haunting conclusion, where Tom confronts the culmination of centuries of plots—where bloodletting rituals of old threaten to destroy the fragile balance of the present. Faced with the ultimate choice between embracing his dark inheritance or forging a new path, Tom's decisions will ripple through time, affecting magic and mundane alike.

As enemies surface from the shadows of his bloodline, Tom must decide if the legacy of Blood Magick is a curse meant to be broken or a gift to be embraced. In this spellbinding finale, destinies collide, truths are unearthed, and the power of blood and magick is tested against the unyielding force of fate.

The Blood Magick Trilogy is a spinoff of The Evers Series, but new readers do not need to have read the series to enjoy the books.

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