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A Journey to Power (Defenders of the Realm #0.5) - Paperback

A Journey to Power (Defenders of the Realm #0.5) - Paperback

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Four Teens, Three Paths, One Destiny.

A Clean YA Epic Fantasy

Human. Witch. Dragon. The Silver Spring will decide their fate!

Join Penelope, Wickham, Kaia, and Herja on their journey of self-discovery and adventure in a magical kingdom where teens are sent to the stream to discover their destiny. These four children, with diverse backgrounds and unique skills, embark on a journey filled with challenges, teamwork, and bravery to rescue the captured witches and dragons. With their combined abilities and quick thinking, they become heroes in their own right, saving the day and leaving a lasting impact on the kingdom. This is just the beginning of their journey as they look forward to attending the Institute and becoming powerful protectors of the peace and safety of their beloved kingdom.

Get ready for an exciting adventure filled with magic, friendship, and courage in this coming-of-age tale.

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About the Defenders of the Realm Series

5 action-packed clean YA epic fantasy books
4 clean YA fantasy romance novellas
Body positive. Inclusive. Diverse. Low Trigger.
Witches. Dragons. Fated Mates.

In Eldavon, a rite of passage sends 13-year-olds up Eldavon Mountain to drink from the mystical Silver Springs. Those unchanged by the magic remain human and learn practical trades in the village, while those transformed into witches or dragons attend The Institute, a magical academy. Here, students embark on quests and hone their abilities, preparing for their sacred duty to defend the kingdom. As they mature, they wrestle with societal norms, personal relationships, and the complexities of fated mates. Through their adventures and trials, they deepen their understanding of friendship and loyalty, discovering the profound impact of their connections.

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