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A Summer of Courage: An Epic Fantasy Romance Novella(Defenders of the Realm #3.5)

A Summer of Courage: An Epic Fantasy Romance Novella(Defenders of the Realm #3.5)

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Embark on an enchanting journey with Wickham and Herja, where love and courage intertwine. Join them as they navigate through thrilling encounters and unexpected challenges that will captivate you from start to finish.

A Clean YA Epic Fantasy Romance

As they prepare for their journey to the mystical Silver Springs, Wickham's nervousness grows. Amidst the excitement, his family arrives, bringing immense joy to his heart. But something seems different about his brothers, while Tara can't stop talking about it all. Herja, uncertain about her role with Wickham's family, distances herself from the welcoming ceremonies.

Unexpectedly, she encounters King Lantos, the dragon king, who shows her kindness and warmth. Their conversation makes her question her path towards becoming queen. As the pair set off, Wickham's worry intensifies, leading him and Herja to trail the children for their safety. They keep a watchful eye, maintaining a distance to ensure their well-being.

Together, they face danger and help others, strengthening their bond. Amidst uncertainty about their future, they share their dreams and aspirations. Herja discovers her passion for education and helping others understand neurodivergence, while Wickham supports her wholeheartedly. Their journey concludes with a heartfelt realization, as Wickham seeks clarity about their relationship. Herja reciprocates his feelings, solidifying their commitment to face any challenges together.

Join Wickham and Herja on this extraordinary adventure, where love conquers all and courage leads the way.

A Summer of Courage is the third Fantasy Romance Novella in the Defenders of the Realm series. This novella is best read after book 3, The Quest for the Phantom Feather.

Have you read the prequel? Read A Journey to Power first!

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