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A Summer of Destiny: An Epic Fantasy Romance Novella (Defenders of the Realm #4.5)

A Summer of Destiny: An Epic Fantasy Romance Novella (Defenders of the Realm #4.5)

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Discover a tale where love and magic intertwine, as Penelope and Raven journey through mystical realms, facing their deepest fears and embracing their extraordinary destiny.

A Clean YA Epic Fantasy Romance

Follow Penelope and Raven as they navigate treacherous marshes, encounter mythical creatures, and confront their deepest fears. From searching for the skin of the Emerald Rattleback to unraveling ancient mysteries in dream worlds, their bond grows stronger with each adventure. Witness the transformation of Raven, a gorgon, as they find solace and embrace their true self. Join them in restoring balance to a world teetering on the edge of magic's fading power. "A Summer of Destiny" is a tale that reminds us that destiny is not always what we expect, but true love and courage can overcome any challenge.

A Summer of Destiny is the fourth Fantasy Romance Novella in the Defenders of the Realm series. This novella is best read after book 4, The Quest for the Kraken’s Ink.

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