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A Summer of Opposites: An Epic Fantasy Romance Novella (Defenders of the Realm #2.5)

A Summer of Opposites: An Epic Fantasy Romance Novella (Defenders of the Realm #2.5)

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Looking for a thrilling summer read filled with magic, destiny, and the struggle to find oneself in a world of expectations? Look no further than Kaia and Nolen, two 16-year-olds destined to be together as a witch/dragon fated mates.

A Clean YA Epic Fantasy Romance

As they navigate the high society of Kaia's world and the unfamiliar territory of Nolen's family, they struggle to come to terms with the unspoken rules and societal expectations placed upon them. Will Nolen ever open up to Kaia and show her the love she craves? Will Kaia be able to give Nolen the space he needs while still fulfilling her role as his dragon guardian?

Join these two young lovers as they face their fears, learn to communicate, and ultimately discover the true meaning of fate and love. Don't miss out on "A Summer of Opposties" - the ultimate summer escape!

A Summer of Opposites is the second Fantasy Romance Novella in the Defenders of the Realm series. This novella is best read after book 2, The Quest for the Sacred Tree.

Have you read the prequel? Read A Journey to Power first!

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