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Blood Legacy (Blood Magick Trilogy #3) - Paperback

Blood Legacy (Blood Magick Trilogy #3) - Paperback

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Where bloodlines converge, the past and present bleed into one.

In the dim light of Vardo, Finnmark in 1663, as witches whisper spells from the shadows of their impending doom, a lone guard and a physician plot a dark course that will echo through the ages, threatening the legacy of all who come after.

Clean YA Urban Fantasy

In "Blood Legacy," a gripping tale of dark magic and darker histories unfurls, beginning in the depths of a 17th-century witch trial in Norway. As the townspeople of Vardo call for blood to protect their purity, a hidden plot involving bloodletting unfolds—aimed to weaken the witches but not to kill. The sinister strategy harbors a deeper malice, one that intends to trace witch bloodlines through the ages.

Centuries later, this ancient vendetta resurfaces, menacing the life of Tom, a young man unknowingly descended from a line of witches. As Tom grapples with the revelations of his family's past and the burden of a power he never sought, he finds himself at the heart of a battle that straddles the line between historical vendettas and the struggle for personal identity. In his fight against a legacy written in blood, Tom must confront not just his own destiny, but the moral entanglements of carrying a legacy that was never his to choose. Will he reject the darkness woven into his bloodline, or will he redefine what it means to be a descendant of witches?

Blood Legacy is the third and final book in the Blood Magick Trilogy.

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