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Blood Magick (Blood Magick Trilogy #2) - Paperback

Blood Magick (Blood Magick Trilogy #2) - Paperback

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Unleash the power within, but at what cost?

When Tom Callahan discovers his lineage is the key to resurrecting the forbidden Blood Magick, he must choose between the power to reshape the world and the treachery that lurks in the shadows of his heritage.

Clean YA Urban Fantasy

In a world where ancient magics intertwine with the mundane, Tom Callahan thought he was just another student at the Harding Academy. That is, until a chance encounter reveals his blood holds the secret to Blood Magick, a power thought lost to the ages. As he delves deeper into his family's mysterious past, Tom is drawn into a world where alliances are forged in blood and enemies lurk closer than he could ever imagine.

Thrust into a centuries-old battle between sorcerers who covet his power to alter reality itself, Tom must navigate the treacherous waters of magical politics and dark prophecies. With the help of his friends—and haunted by enemies who see him as the ultimate pawn—Tom will uncover secrets that challenge the very nature of magic and his own place in the world.

But as the forces arrayed against him grow stronger, Tom is forced to ask himself: How much is he willing to sacrifice, and can he wield his extraordinary powers without losing himself to the darkness? As the line between hero and villain blurs, Tom’s choices will not just determine his future, but the fate of magic itself.

Blood Magick is the second book in the Blood Magick Trilogy.

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