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Cherry Tree Island: Clean Contemporary Romance - ebook

Cherry Tree Island: Clean Contemporary Romance - ebook

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An island retreat. Two hearts in hiding. Can love bloom in unexpected ground?

In "Cherry Tree Island," Abby's search for solitude on a private island becomes a heartwarming journey of unexpected love when she crosses paths with the island's owner, Jake, who's nursing his own broken heart.

Abby Morgan, seeking a peaceful escape, rents Cherry Tree Island, envisioning two weeks of tranquil solitude. Instead, she finds herself sharing the island with its brooding owner, Jake Carver, who's escaping his own shattered dreams. As Abby explores the rugged beauty of the island, she discovers an unexpected connection with Jake. Amidst the island's natural splendor, they find solace in each other’s company, challenging their resolve to guard their hearts. Will their seclusion on Cherry Tree Island lead to a love they never anticipated, or will their pasts keep them anchored to their solitary lives?

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