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Jane and Kennedy Daniels Mysteries - Paperback

Jane and Kennedy Daniels Mysteries - Paperback

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Clever Cozy Mysteries set in London, UK

Meet Jane and Kennedy Daniels, a dynamic pair whose lives intertwine with secrecy, suspense, and the unspoken truths of London's underbelly. Across five gripping stories, they confront the Halloween murder that shakes their world, a technological terror that stalks from the shadows, and mysteries that weave through the very fabric of their lives. Each case draws them deeper into the labyrinth of intrigue, challenging their wit, threatening their safety, and binding them ever closer. With each other as their anchor, they stand against the tide of mystery that threatens to engulf them. The 'Jane and Kennedy Daniels Mysteries' is a journey through fear, fascination, and the formidable power of partnership in the face of the unknown.

Volume 1 titles include:

  1. Murdered On Halloween
  2. Arrested On Boxing Day
  3. Injured on New Year's
  4. Poisoned on Valentine's
  5. Discovered On Easter

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