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Mystic Moonhaven Mysteries: Volume 1 - ebook

Mystic Moonhaven Mysteries: Volume 1 - ebook

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Step into Moonhaven, Vermont, with the captivating "Mystic Moonhaven Mysteries" series. Join Harper Nightshade, a bookstore owner with hidden witchy talents, as she solves enchanting mysteries in this picturesque town. Each story is set against the backdrop of Moonhaven's seasonal festivals, from a chilling Winter Festival to a mysterious Summer Solstice.

Harper's investigations blend cozy charm with a supernatural twist, revealing secrets hidden under Moonhaven's idyllic veneer. Alongside Detective Liam Ashford, she uncovers truths that intertwine the ordinary with the magical. Featuring a memorable cast, including Ella Grace, the town's gossip hub, and Mrs. Abigail Thorne, a quirky B&B owner with secrets of her own, this series promises intrigue and enchantment.

Dive into the "Mystic Moonhaven Mysteries" for quick, captivating reads, perfect for cozy mystery enthusiasts who relish a touch of magic in their stories.

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