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Second Chance: Clean Contemporary Romance - Audiobook

Second Chance: Clean Contemporary Romance - Audiobook

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Love lost and found across the chapters of life.

When Penelope Taylor and Anthony Davies reunite on a serendipitous cruise two decades after their youthful romance was torn apart, they are presented with a second chance at love. However, with the scars of past losses and the complexities of their current lives, can they navigate through the remnants of what once was to a future that might be?

In "Second Chance," Daisy Landish weaves a tale of enduring love, life's unpredictable twists, and the hope that binds us through the years. Penelope and Anthony, once inseparable in their youth, find their lives diverging onto paths they hadn't planned. As they each navigate personal triumphs and tragedies, a chance encounter on a cruise offers them a rare opportunity to rekindle a connection that time had seemingly erased. But with the memories of what they lost looming over their reunion, they must decide if their shared history is enough to build a new future together. Set against a backdrop of breathtaking locales and the bittersweet taste of what could have been, "Second Chance" is a heartfelt journey through the complexities of love, loss, and the courage to love again.

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