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Spring Break: Cozy Mysteries for Spring (Cozy Mystery Samplers #4) - Audiobook

Spring Break: Cozy Mysteries for Spring (Cozy Mystery Samplers #4) - Audiobook

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Grab a blanket and head to the park for Spring Break: Cozy Mysteries for Spring

The Feline Caper, A Pine Grove Mystery

Verna Timms is in trouble. A lover of cats, she might have a rather generous amount of felines roaming her property. But they’re well-taken care of, and she’s never had a problem with the neighbors about them before. Now, her cats are suddenly disappearing, and she’s desperate for help. The police aren’t interested, so Dr. Jessica Stern asks Peter for help, knowing he’s an ex-agent and maybe he can unravel the mystery. When Verna is injured, Peter has to ask: Just how valuable is Verna’s property, and who stands to inherit?  

A Bad Egg, A Mike and Maddie Mystery

Easter is approaching. Maddie is asked to participate in an Easter egg-painting party. At the community center, she meets with the entertainment committee members, but is surprised to see a new face. She later learns that the man is an undercover cop from the Vancouver, WA police department. When one party-goer is found dead in the washroom before it’s even begun, Maddie discovers why the mystery man is in Coeur d'Alene.

Discovered on Easter, A Jane and Kennedy Daniels Mystery

Jane and Kennedy Daniels' Easter celebration with family is shattered by a sinister discovery in their garden shed. As a real-life murder mystery unfolds, the couple must navigate through a maze of secrets and suspicions, with the help of their friend Detective Arthur, to unmask the killer lurking in their midst.

Equinox Enigma, A Mystic Moonhaven Mystery

In the quaint town of Moonhaven, as the spring equinox approaches, Harper Nightshade finds herself entwined in a mystical enigma. With lingering winter chill, peculiar thefts at the museum, and a series of events eerily reminiscent of past horrors, Harper, alongside Detective Liam Ashford, must unravel a web of hidden legacies and ancient spells before the equinox fully awakens the latent magic that threatens to alter their reality forever.

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