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Summer Vibes: Cozy Mysteries for Summer (Cozy Mystery Samplers #2) - ebook

Summer Vibes: Cozy Mysteries for Summer (Cozy Mystery Samplers #2) - ebook

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Grab a cool drink and settle in for Summer Vibes: Cozy Mysteries for Summer

Midsummer Mischief, A Mystic Moonhaven Mystery

As the Summer Solstice approaches, Harper Nightshade senses a disquieting energy in the air of Moonhaven. The town's festive spirits are dampened when a midsummer party ends in a shocking disappearance, setting Harper on a path of mystical encounters and ancient rituals. Under the starlit sky, she and Detective Liam Ashford must unravel a tapestry of hidden motives and clandestine relationships, deciphering a centuries-old solstice spell linked to the night's eerie events. As dawn heralds the summer day's peak, Harper races against time to unveil a truth that will alter Moonhaven's legacy forever.

Best Man Down, A Pine Grove Mystery

Life in the country was supposed to be quiet, but so far, it's been anything but. Thinking of taking some time off from his time off, Peter agrees to fly Dr. Jessica Stern home for her youngest brother's wedding in Still Lake. It's supposed to be a quiet affair and the perfect opportunity to get in some fishing. His first morning in Still Lake, though, reveals some tensions in the wedding party. When the best man is nearly drowned in the lake the morning of the wedding, it looks like the whole weekend is destined for disaster unless Peter can unravel the case quickly. The problem? It seems someone is ready to kill to keep a certain secret, and the best man doesn't have any idea just what that secret is.

Murder at the Retreat, A Mike and Maddie Mystery

Join Maddie and Mike at a writer's retreat in coastal Portland, Oregon, where a shocking poisoning rocks their world. As they unravel the mystery, secrets are revealed, motives questioned, and unexpected twists abound. Get ready for a suspenseful page-turner that explores the power of words to both create and destroy.

The Case of the Missing Millions, An Annie Archer Paranormal Mystery

Annie Archer has helped the Turtle Bay Police Department several times, tracking down criminals or thwarting their intended homicide. This time, however, Annie is burdened with strange visions happening somewhere outside of Turtle Bay. She sees a woman screaming into her phone that someone is trying to kill her. Annie and Sheriff Adam Parker locate the motel where the woman might have spent the night before being killed by someone she picked up at a club the night before.

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