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The Blood Mage (Blood Magick Trilogy #1) - Paperback

The Blood Mage (Blood Magick Trilogy #1) - Paperback

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Magic runs thicker than blood.

When Tom Callahan discovers he's not just a typical student at Harding Academy but a rare Blood Mage, his powers become a beacon to dark forces. With the future of both the magical and non-magical worlds at stake, Tom must navigate the treacherous waters of ancient spells, betrayal, and blood magic to protect those he loves.

Clean YA Urban Fantasy

Tom Callahan thought he was an ordinary teenager, even with his magical upbringing. But when a routine school duel reveals his rare ability to wield Blood Magick, his world turns upside down. Suddenly, Tom is not just a student; he's the key to an ancient power that many would kill to control.

As dark forces gather, seeking to manipulate or destroy him for their own ends, Tom plunges deeper into the hidden layers of magic and power, where he discovers the startling truth about his own bloodline. With the help of his friends and the enigmatic Professor Montague, he must uncover the secrets of his past before the shadows of history repeat themselves.

In a school where magic is as common as textbooks, Tom’s journey will lead him through perilous tests of strength, battles that blur the lines between ally and enemy, and confrontations with the ethics of power itself. As the stakes rise, Tom learns that controlling his powers without succumbing to their darker sides might be the greatest battle of all.

"The Blood Mage" is a spellbinding tale of courage, conflict, and the potent depths of legacy within our veins. It is the first book in the Blood Magick Trilogy.

The Blood Magick Trilogy is a spinoff of The Evers Series, but new readers do not need to have read the series to enjoy the books.

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