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The Evers Series - The Complete Boxset (The Evers Series #1-4) - Audiobook

The Evers Series - The Complete Boxset (The Evers Series #1-4) - Audiobook

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The Evers Series ... All in One Place!

Step into a world of enchantment and wonder with The Evers Series—a captivating journey of magic, mystery, and self-discovery across four spellbinding books: "The Ancestors’ Key," "The Academy," "The Time Walker," and "The World Jumper." Perfect for fans of Stardust and The Golden Compass, this fantastical series will transport you to a realm where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and adventure knows no bounds!

Clean YA Science Fantasy Adventure

Join fifteen-year-old Lola on her extraordinary quest, where a Magic Key unlocks doors to unimaginable destinations. From a loner's life in Baltimore to a sprawling southern mansion, Lola's life takes an unexpected twist as she unravels an ancient family secret and finds herself amidst newfound relatives, including an eccentric aunt and a charming boy who seems to appear everywhere she turns.

As Lola's magical journey continues in "The Academy," she is summoned to a two-week Summer Program at a mysterious magic school. Excitement abounds as she learns to harness her newfound powers and navigates the intrigue and challenges of attending a magical academy. The Traveling Key she inherited comes with surprises and twists that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

In "The Time Walker," the adventure intensifies as Lola returns from The Academy, hoping for a relaxing summer. Instead, she stumbles upon new magical artifacts, including a powerful Time Watch. Her world becomes even more complex as she confronts villainous forces eager to manipulate time and space for their malevolent ambitions. The stakes are higher, and Lola's bravery and determination are tested like never before.

As The Evers Series reaches its climax in "The World Jumper," Lola and Devlin uncover secrets of their ancestral heritage. They embark on a journey to The Summer Iles, a world beyond the confines of time and space, where captivating new experiences and challenges await. Amidst kidnappings, break-ins, and profound personal losses, Lola's magical abilities come to the fore, and she must decide her destiny to find the happiness she truly deserves.

Packed with adventure, friendship, and revelations, The Evers Series delivers an uplifting and wholesome experience for readers of all ages. The seamless blend of magic, mystery, and relatable characters will keep you enthralled from start to finish. If you're searching for a captivating and magical escape, look no further than The Evers Series—where every turn of the page leads to a new enchanting discovery! Unlock the doors to magic, mystery, and self-discovery today with The Evers Series.

​​​The Evers Series is a must-read for anyone seeking a fantastical escape into a world of limitless possibilities and extraordinary enchantment.

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