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The Lady Series Audiobook Bundle

The Lady Series Audiobook Bundle

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Binge all 22 Clean Regency Novellas by Daisy Landish!

The Lady Series is a series of standalone clean regency novellas that feature sassy heroines, swoon-worthy beaus and their Happily Ever Afters. Each collection centers around one family.

The Allington Collection

The Allington Ladies are headstrong ladies of Society who enjoy a good hunt and driving carriages through Hyde Park. Follow along as they meet the honourable gentlemen who not only put up with their antics but adore them as they are.

The Gillingham Collection

Jackson Barrington, the ever-elegant Josephina's younger brother, brings us on new adventures alongside entertaining new characters! Lord Gillingham is desperate to improve his financial situation. As a widower, he is overcome with the daunting task of launching four daughters into society while ensuring a strong legacy for his infant son. But as the Lord obsesses over growing his inheritance and marrying off his daughters, the Ladies exhibit one or two tricks of their own.

The Blackmore Collection

All five daughters of the Earl of Keymouth have reached marriageable age. The Earl and his Countess look forward to giving their hands in marriage. However, the young ladies have other ideas. Jilted love, elopement, kidnapping, jealousy, and other devious shenanigans await the readers of this new Clean Regency Series.

The Norrington Collection

Journey through Regency-era London as the Norrington family navigates love, duty, and societal expectations. Each book unveils a new romance, from Lady Charlotte's unexpected love story to the Duchess's second chance at happiness. Amidst grand balls and country estates, the Norringtons confront their desires, secrets, and the pursuit of true love, all while upholding their noble legacy. 

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