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The Norrington Collection (The Lady Series #4) - Audiobook

The Norrington Collection (The Lady Series #4) - Audiobook

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Clean Regency Romance

In "The Norrington Collection", journey through Regency-era London as the Norrington family navigates love, duty, and societal expectations. Each book unveils a new romance, from Lady Charlotte's unexpected love story to the Duchess's second chance at happiness. Amidst grand balls and country estates, the Norringtons confront their desires, secrets, and the pursuit of true love, all while upholding their noble legacy. This series is a captivating blend of romance, intrigue, and the timeless quest for happiness in high society.

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This book is digitally narrated. SAMPLE

Each story was individually narrated by Zane Boyer. Buy on Amazon, Audible or Apple.

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