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The Quest for the Cursed Mirrors (Defenders of the Realm #5) - ebook

The Quest for the Cursed Mirrors (Defenders of the Realm #5) - ebook

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In a world where dragons soar the skies and witches command the elements, a group of extraordinary young heroes must unravel the mystery behind enchanted mirrors, a treacherous sorcerer, and a stolen destiny. Brace yourself for an epic adventure filled with magic, danger, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship.

A Clean YA Epic Fantasy

Embark on an epic journey filled with magic, adventure, and unexpected alliances. In a world teetering on the edge of war, join our courageous heroes as they uncover a web of deception and fight to restore balance.

As the fifth-year witches and dragons of Eldavon hone their skills, unrest grips the surrounding kingdoms. Natural disasters wreak havoc, yet Eldavon's aid is rejected. While resources dwindle and summer becomes a scorching inferno, only Odentia thrives with bountiful harvests. Now, Eldavon and Odentia forge an alliance, sealed by a political marriage between Rowena, the new Odentia queen, and Hector, a dragon from Eldavon.

But the path to unity is treacherous. Rowena vanishes mysteriously, leaving the group desperate to unravel the truth. With each step, they uncover dark secrets, enchanted mirrors, and a malevolent sorcerer plotting to hoard all magic for himself. Trust is tested, alliances shift, and friends must face their own transformations.

Amidst escalating conflict and the loss of their dragon forms, our heroes must outrun the sorcerer and find a way to reclaim their true selves. With the fate of kingdoms hanging in the balance, they will discover the power of unity, the resilience of friendship, and the determination to overcome even the darkest of forces.

Join them on this thrilling, magical adventure as they strive to bring rain to the drought-stricken lands, restore harmony, and shape their own destinies. Experience a tale of courage, sacrifice, and the enduring bonds of friendship. Are you ready to unleash your own inner magic and join the fight for a better world?

The Quest for the Cursed Mirrors is the fifth and final book in the Defenders of the Realm series.

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