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The Quest for the Phantom Feather (Defenders of the Realm #3)- ebook

The Quest for the Phantom Feather (Defenders of the Realm #3)- ebook

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Step into the magical world of the Institute, where witches learn how to ride dragons, plants have magic, and thunderstorms are more than just a weather phenomenon. Follow the journey of four students, Penelope, Wickham, Herja, and Kaia, as they navigate the challenges of their third year.

A Clean YA Epic Fantasy

The group of students at the Institute is back for another semester, but things are a bit different this time. Penelope is struggling because she doesn't have a mate, while Herja is pursuing a diagnosis for her neurodivergence. Kaia learns that Finnegan has escaped from prison, and there are rumors of a second magical spring while the group is camped at the base of Thunder Ridge, learning to take their dragon forms and ride their dragons. When Herja receives a letter from an old friend, the group sets out to help, but they face danger and a mysterious magic that turns woodland creatures into stone. As they wait out a massive thunderstorm in a cave, Penelope opens up about her insecurities, and the group comes together to help each other through their struggles.

This story is a must-read for anyone who loves adventure, magic, and a touch of suspense. You will be drawn into the world of the Institute, where dragons and witches learn to fly and ride together and where friendships and self-discovery are just as important as learning magic. With relatable characters and an engaging plot, you won't be able to put this book down. Take advantage of the thrilling journey of Penelope, Wickham, Herja, Kaia, and Nolen in this spellbinding tale.

The Quest for the Phantom Feather is the third book in the Defenders of the Realm series.

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