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The Quest for the Sacred Tree (Defenders of the Realm #2) - Paperback

The Quest for the Sacred Tree (Defenders of the Realm #2) - Paperback

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Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of magic, dragons, and witches?

A Clean YA Epic Fantasy

Join the second-year dragon and witch students as they prepare for the most important event of their academic careers: revealing their fated mates. But things are not as simple as they seem in the Golden Forest, where they'll learn new spells and combat skills to defend themselves against the Chameleon Sprites.

Don't miss the chance to follow these students as they discover their fated mates, learn new spells, and fight against the Chameleon Sprites in the Golden Forest. A thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.

The Quest for the Sacred Tree is the second book in the Defenders of the Realm series.

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