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What Happens Next? Readers Decide Which Story Becomes a Book - ebook

What Happens Next? Readers Decide Which Story Becomes a Book - ebook

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Dive into a realm where YOU hold the pen of destiny! "What Happens Next? Readers Decide Which Story Becomes a Book" invites you to shape the twists and turns of 12 enthralling tales, guiding characters through fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal adventures. Are you ready to wield the power of choice and become the storyteller?

Unleash your inner storyteller with "What Happens Next? Readers Decide Which Story Becomes a Book" – an enthralling anthology that empowers YOU to take the reins of authorship! Embark on a literary adventure like no other, where your choices shape characters' destinies across 12 captivating tales spanning fantasy, steampunk, science fiction, and the paranormal.

Dive into immersive worlds where every page is a crossroads, and every decision is a gateway to unforeseen adventures. With each story, you'll be drawn into intricate plots and richly woven narratives, eagerly making choices that guide Ryn's race against time, unravel secrets with Thomas in "Grandpa Joe," or ignite a revolution alongside Selena in "Underground."

Journey beyond the confines of reality as you explore alternate dimensions in "Radio Silence" and "Earthstone." Lose yourself in the enchanting landscapes of "Sanaland" and "The Name of the Forest." Traverse galaxies and cross dimensions in "Crossing Over" and "ROA-VUR," discovering the magic of unity and the thrill of exploration.

Unveil hidden truths, confront ancient mysteries, and challenge norms in stories like "Revolution" and "Adam." Your choices will impact the characters' destinies, sparking revelations and unexpected outcomes.

With "What Happens Next? Readers Decide Which Story Becomes a Book," you're not merely reading – you're the creator, the guide, the decision-maker. Experience the joy of storytelling, craft your own narratives, and savor the satisfaction of shaping unparalleled adventures. This anthology isn't just a collection of stories – it's a universe of possibilities waiting for you to explore. Grab your copy now and embark on a journey where imagination knows no bounds!

In this book of twelve young adult short stories, readers decide which story will become a book or series by filling out a special questionnaire.

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