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Wilma Wade Holiday Mysteries: Bundle 1 - ebook

Wilma Wade Holiday Mysteries: Bundle 1 - ebook

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Step into a world of intrigue and suspense with the Wilma Wade Holiday Mysteries, where festivities take a deadly turn.

Join Miss Wilma Wade as she unravels mysteries that shatter the peace of her holiday seasons, from an unexpected Christmas death to a chilling encounter in the snow and even a New Year's brunch turned into a puzzling crime scene. Get ready to be hooked, as Miss Wade's holiday cheer takes a dark and thrilling twist in 'Murder on the Island,' 'Murder in the Snow,' and 'Murder at the Inn.' But the mysteries don't end there; in 'Murder on the Block,' petty thievery spirals into grand larceny and murder, leaving you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to be captivated by these tales of suspense, secrets, and holiday mayhem.

Murder on the Island
When Miss Wilma Wade is invited to spend Christmas with her cousin, Martha Bowen, on Acadia Island on the coast of Maine, the little lady is elated at the prospect of seeing her family during the holiday season. However, on the second day of her stay, she strolls on the promontory, where she finds Martha's husband dead at the bottom of a cliff. Harry Bowen was not supposed to be back in town until Boxing Day! Ultimately, Martha confesses that she suspected her husband of cheating on her, but as it turns out, he was cheating the bank where he worked by laundering money for organized crime. The murderer is the same guy who introduced Harry to the lucrative but very dangerous game of money laundering. In the end, Miss Wade is happy to spend Christmas with her family, which she thought she might not see for another year.

Murder in the Snow
Returning from spending Christmas with her cousin on Acadia Island, Miss Wilma Wade looks forward to spending a leisurely week before the New Year's festivities begin. However, the morning after her return, a blizzard covers the driveway and the front of her house, sending Wilma into a snow-shovelling frenzy as soon as she wakes up. Halfway through clearing the drive, her shovel hits a frozen corpse buried under the snow. Wilma calls the police and is shocked at how excited she is at the prospect of unravelling another mystery.

Murder at the Inn
Miss Wilma Wade has brunch at the Inn with the quilting club every year on New Year's day. That’s when they have their annual cookie exchange, access the year’s work, and plan for the year ahead. Wilma and her friends are all aflutter when a guest is found dead in his room. Who’s the stranger, and why is he dead?

Murder on the Block
When Wilma Wade catches her handyman stealing from some of her neighbors, she approaches the young man’s mother with this problem. When questioned, the young man claims he was ‘given’ a jewelry box from the lady across the street from Miss Wade. The story unravels quickly as petty thievery turns into grand larceny and murder.

Murder in the Woods

When Wilma Wade stumbles upon a dead llama in the serene woods of Barwick on a few days before Christmas, the town's festive spirit is jolted by mystery. Wilma joins forces with Detective Fellow to unravel a web of secrets. "Murder in the Woods" weaves a cozy tapestry of small-town charm and intrigue, where holiday warmth and dark secrets collide. Join Wilma as she unwraps the truth in this captivating yuletide tale of community, courage, and Christmas mysteries.

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