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Utopia - Audiobook

Utopia - Audiobook

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A Clean YA Post-Apocalyptic Utopian Sci-Fi Adventure

Three extraordinary teenagers, each an outcast in their worlds, unite to reshape the destiny of a utopian society. Ryn, who couldn't adapt to life under the sea; Eira, born above the clouds but unable to breathe the thin air; and Aiden, rejected by the subterranean civilization, embarks on a thrilling journey to Vancouver's utopia. They'll challenge the elders, confront hidden truths, and discover the power of unity in a fast-paced young adult sci-fi adventure that explores the boundaries of human resilience, and the promise of a better world.

Utopia is a What Happens Next? novel developed from the Under the Ice short story.

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This audiobook is digitally narrated. SAMPLE

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